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Our vision and beliefs

We are a diverse group of individuals, who come together as a team united in a mission to build Britain’s best general retail insurer, whose excellence is recognised around the world. There are currently no UK insurers, and only a handful globally, who have attained this level of excellence or deserved this level of reputation.

In setting this vision, we have set out some beliefs about how our customers, shareholders and people define “best”. We also have some beliefs about how we need to behave collectively and individually to deliver on these expectations. These shared beliefs guide everyone’s decision making, and we will recruit and reward against these.

Best for Customers

Insurance is a crucial product in people’s lives and in society, and when people need to use it they will have had a bad day – having had a car accident, a burst pipe, a sick pet or an illness far from home. That’s why all our customers choose to buy their insurance from a financially secure organisation that offers easy-to-understand, value-for-money products that quickly and properly put right what’s gone wrong.

We also understand that customers are different, so we offer different ways of buying insurance and different levels of cover through our different brands to best suit the individual. We will judge all our activities on outcomes as seen through the eyes of the customer, and involve those closest to the customer in designing and implementing solutions that give customers what they want, and remove things that they don’t value.

Best for Shareholders

Shareholders require a predictable and sustainable profit stream, with prospects for growth, and their confidence is required to ensure we have the funding to sustain and grow the business. Our business model and approach will ensure we are consistently profitable. We will focus on our ability to manage risks to ensure we sustain the business in the future and grow. We will be open and transparent with shareholders about our business, its risks and how we are managing them.

Best for Our People

We need to be the best at a broad range of skills to become the best insurer, and in each discipline we require people who are fully engaged, at the top of their profession, who bring all of themselves to work and who set high standards for themselves and others. In particular, we will excel in the delivery of authentic customer service – “People helping People”. Like in any great team, each individual will understand their role in the organisation and feel empowered to deliver their part of the result. We will earn the commitment of this outstanding set of individuals by offering a unique employee proposition. People will be judged on the quality of their ideas, and their results.

Their views will be valued and listened to by the management and leadership of the organisation. We will offer rewarding and fulfilling careers, with the opportunity to develop, learn new skills, gain valuable experience and contribute to the full extent of each individual’s ability.

Our benchmark will be professionalism, in all disciplines and all areas of the business.

We are passionate and energetic in our work, and we have fun. We are proud of what we do and how we make a difference.

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