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New Year, New Job Hunt: Three resolutions to make in the New Year

Posted by Hayley Bull at 11:50 AM

Instead of using the dawn of 2013 as a chance to revolutionise your job hunt, you can use it to reinvigorate your attitude. In the weeks after Christmas, it’s time to shake off the lethargy which comes from too much pyjama time, too much food and too much merry-making, and to take a few practical steps to make sure that your search doesn’t go as stale as last month’s mince pies.

  1. Start writing
It’s easy to get in a tangle of thoughts when you’re trying to articulate something complicated – like what your strengths are, or where you want to be in your career by the end of 2013. Instead of internalising negative thoughts, make a resolution to start writing down positive ones.
Make ‘top 10’ lists of your strengths, your ambitions, your achievements and problems you’ve solved in the workplace or at school, and you’ll be left feeling positive; and as a bonus, you’ll have a go-to list of your qualities and qualifications next time you have to write an application!
  1. Start sharing
Being unemployed can be stressful, but there are plenty of people in the same boat. Sharing tips, hints and tricks can be a great way to feel you’re part of a proactive community, so why not seek out recruitment and management bloggers or Tweeters? You’ll find there’s a wealth of knowledge and advice from industry authorities out there still waiting to be discovered, and plenty of dialogues which would benefit from your contributions. You could even start a dialogue or two which will be beneficial to others.
  1. Start setting goals
It can feel that you’re not in control of your future if you’re applying without any responses, so find a way to take control. Whether your goal is to get one interview by March or to have re-vamped your LinkedIn profile by next week, setting achievable targets yourself will motivate you in a way that outside factors can’t. It could be something as simple as getting fit, too – lifestyle will have a positive impact on your attitude so make sure not to neglect downtime.

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