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Job Hunting in December

Posted by Hayley Bull at 12:43 PM

December is traditionally a time for winding down the old year and looking forward to the new. Faced with mince pies to be eaten and gifts to be exchanged, it can be hard to keep your motivation up when you’re looking for your dream job.
You might think that recruiters are taking time out to tuck into some turkey and open their stockings, too, but in fact they’ll still be busy looking for great candidates to fill exciting roles well into the holidays. If you’re still active about looking, you’ll be taking advantage of the misconception that recruitment is slowing down.
So, resist the urge to completely relax during the festive season: there are still loads of opportunities for you to find your dream job. Below are a few tips to keep you at the top of your game during December:
Schedule in time for job hunting
It’s easy to get distracted by glittering lights and family being around: making time to focus on your job hunt is really important. Whether it’s early in the morning when people are sleeping off the mulled wine, or in the mid-afternoon, fence off part of your day and dedicate it to answering e-mails, looking at site updates and keeping on top of LinkedIn.
Make space for job hunting
It’s just as important to have a place you can concentrate, even if you have family to visit. If you spend a little time organising your job hunt online, using bookmarking, your e-mail and online task lists to track what you’ve applied for and monitor new opportunities, you’ll be able to access a neat guide to what’s going on wherever you are.
Of course, you might have print outs and applications you’ve made notes on: now is the time to get these papers in proper order so you can keep them neatly tucked away. A box file or a binder that fits into a backpack means you can work in whatever space is quiet in your house or even head out to a local cafe if it’s completely hectic at home.
Enjoy yourself
Don’t let feeling guilty about job hunting ruin the holidays. By all means take a few days off the job hunt, and don’t worry if your application goals slip slightly as you head into the New Year. Though it’s important to keep momentum up, it’s also important to enjoy yourself so you can keep fresh well into January.
Also, the holidays are a particularly social time of year. You’ll be seeing old friends, distant relatives and making new connections in an upbeat environment, so it’s a great opportunity to see what’s out there. Talk to people about what’s working for them and you’ll feel optimistic about what the future holds.

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