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Three Application Tips for Graduates

Posted by Hayley Bull at 11:00 AM

Are you a graduate on the hunt for your first job, or hoping to switch up to a career that makes use of your degree? Whether you’re applying for a graduate programme, internship or you’re looking for your niche amongst our insurance jobs, we’re looking for qualified, passionate new colleagues to help our company grow.
Below we’ve got some tips that should help you show off what makes you the perfect candidate when you’re filling out our online application form. While the process is straightforward and has guidance at every section, our tips may be crucial in creating an application you’re satisfied with!
Before you start the application process, print off a copy of the job description so you can make notes and underline a few key words. Knowing inside out what’s expected of an applicant will help you keep your answers relevant, and referring closely to the key skills and phrases mentioned in the job description is another way to show your attention to detail and commitment.
You should also visit our Before you apply page, which gives details of the documents and information we will need to progress your application. Then, you can begin:

  1. Demonstrate your transferable skills
You might not have much experience in the industry, but chances are you’ve developed some key skills through your time at university that are relevant to the vacancy. As well as your academic achievements, make sure you mention any customer service roles, extracurricular challenges or teamwork experiences which have shaped your work ethic and awareness.
  1. Write dynamically, and check your spelling and grammar
Make sure you don’t slip into ‘essay’ mode: clear, concise, active language is the order of the day. Applications often have word limits so direct, un-fluffy sentences will get you to the point quickly and make recruiters’ lives easier. It might help you to read each answer aloud before you mark a section as ‘completed’.
And don’t forget: good presentation skills and the ability to communicate clearly are prerequisites for most roles, so you might want to copy and paste your answers into your regular word processor to make sure any typos or blips are flagged up by spell check before you send off your application.
  1. Finally: if in doubt, go for it
You might not feel experienced enough for a particular role, but if you think you’d be the perfect fit then it’s definitely worth applying. Even if you’re not quite right for the role, it’s good practice for your next application!
What next?
You might want to take a look at what graduate internship and placement opportunities we’ve got on offer, and for more application tips and vacancies head to our Search & Apply section.

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