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What degrees are relevant for a career in insurance?

Posted by Hayley Bull at 11:04 AM

So you’re finishing your degree, and after years of academic theories and tough exams you’re looking for a job in which you can apply what you’ve learned to brand new situations on a day-to-day basis.
A career in insurance with Direct Line Group can offer you fresh challenges, the opportunity to build on your skills with training and further qualifications, and a chance to join with one of the most dynamic teams currently working in the field.
As well as our graduate programmes we also have a summer internship programme, which is dedicated to helping entry-level talent get a feel for our exciting industry. We’ve got a huge range of roles which are perfect for helping you make the most of your mathematical, managerial and multi-tasking skills.
If you’re looking for a career in actuarial science or analysis, chances are you have studied for a degree that’s heavy on numerical content: your deep understanding of actuarial science, statistics, finance and economics will help you predict financial trends and help us do the best for our customers.
But a degree in engineering or physics can be as relevant as specific finance degrees in the fast-paced world of insurance. That’s because as well as strong grounding in numeracy, you’ll have developed a number of other skills while taking your degree.
One of the most important of these will be your ability to communicate effectively with others – you’re going to be working with non-technical colleagues and customers who’ll want to be able to make decisions quickly, efficiently and truthfully, without being bamboozled by technical language. So, communication skills and a gritty commitment to learning are as key as knowing how to work with numbers.
If you’re interested in applying with your business, management or marketing degree, we’re looking for goal-orientated and ambitious people to help keep our company running smoothly, manage change and keep our workings efficient. As well as the key skills of your degree, you’ll be able to multi-task, work well with a team and love to be challenged.
We’ve also got vacancies for those who have studied law and property at a degree level: your management skills and business acumen will be relevant across the board, whether you’re an employment law graduate looking to pursue a career in our busy Claims department or finding a place to shine in our Business Transformation team.
What next?
You might want to take a look at what graduate and internship programmes we’ve got on offer, and for more application tips and vacancies head to our Search & Apply section.

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