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How to stay competitive in marketing

Posted by Jason Gowlett at 12:14 PM

Marketing is a highly competitive industry – especially when it comes to recruitment.  After all, if securing a job is about selling yourself then marketers have a built-in advantage.
So if you're looking for a job, changing your job or just want to protect the future of your career, it pays to find ways to stay a few steps ahead of your competitors.
Say ‘Yes’ to opportunities
You might currently be happy and settled in your role.  You might already have a full workload.  But if you get the chance to take on extra challenges or roles in your present job, it may be worthwhile to seize those opportunities.
Not only will you be more valuable to your current employer – and therefore more likely to be retained – but the new skills and experiences you gain might also make you a more attractive prospect. If you decide to look for different marketing jobs in the future, you want the best CV possible.
Don't let yourself become pigeon-holed
Becoming a specialist in a niche can be highly profitable.  But as the marketing industry changes over time, you might find yourself stuck with a wealth of experience that just isn't in demand.
Keep up to date on the latest industry trends and developments, and try to see where the industry is likely to be a few years on.  If you're a social media-marketing guru, but you think it might become a declining field, it's probably wise to consider broadening your expertise with other skills.
Keep searching – even when you're not ‘looking’
Even if you're not seeking new employment, it pays to do a bit of window shopping.  By regularly keeping up with the kinds of vacancies on offer and employers' requirements, you can develop a better sense of your value in the job market.  You can identify areas where you would be lacking if you were to start applying, and start to address them proactively.
And if you do decide to jump ship, or you suffer a ‘career surprise’, you're already a few steps ahead.  While other job seekers will be starting their search from scratch, you'll just be continuing your established search while simply changing your intentions.
Develop your network
Attend regular marketing conventions and break the ice with some of the big names.  Follow industry leaders on social media sites and engage with them in a natural, professional way.  And develop contacts who work for your employer's competitors – they might let you know if an exciting opportunity opens up in their company, and they might be able to give you a recommendation if you find yourself suddenly seeking new employment.

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