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High priority projects and Christmas party ideas

Posted by Kiron McDuff at 09:35 AM

At the moment I am working on a high priority mandatory project. It is a real plus for me to be working on something complex and that has such a wide impact. Although there is an IT focus and this doesn’t match my background and personal skill set I am learning on the job and also have the support of more knowledgeable project team members to call upon. For me it is a good sign that I am trusted to deliver something of significance and I am striving to ensure we meet our objectives. I am accountable for the results and as a consequence I am managing and interacting with a variety of stakeholders in different areas. Senior managers are looking to me for answers and I am keen to perform to a high standard.
Outside of the project I mentioned above and a couple of other pieces of work I look after I am involved in the working group that manages the resourcing across our whole team. This is an important task as it impacts upon how much work our team can handle and ensures that we are performing to an optimal level. At our last team meeting as a result of my work in this area and the closing of a project that had a large positive company wide impact I was presented with a small award of a bottle of champagne. It was a very nice gesture and it is always good to know that your work is noticed and appreciated. I will be working towards getting my hands on another bottle in the future!
As part of the graduate programme our cohort was split up into four teams of three in order to deliver a Strategy project. My team’s project was focussed on the opportunities and threats of using Social Media in Insurance. We began by using the skills we had learnt during a training session on structured thinking and storyboarding in order to analyse the subject and conduct our background research and interviews. Once we had collected our pool information we began to shape our presentation and add content to our framework. Our presentation was well received by the members of the leadership team and they said that as a consequence further investigation would take place and positive steps would be undertaken. It was pleasing that our work resulted in good feedback and possibly may impact upon how the company operates.
Outside of my day to day role I am currently in the process of booking my exam for the CII Certificate in Insurance. Having completed a Business based degree I am eligible for exam exemptions which should lighten the load. I plan to do the required study and pass an exam late in 2012 or early 2013. Although it isn’t a requirement for my current role it will be of benefit for my general insurance knowledge and for my personal development. I view it as a real positive and am happy that it is something we have backing to do.
With the Christmas season fast approaching discussions about the work Christmas party are underway. It will be nice to have a meal and a drink as a team to celebrate a year of hard work and achievements. In addition to that I will be heading off to Italy for a week of skiing with my family before the holiday period. I am, as always, very much looking forward to it!

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