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November 2012 - Exams and Full Working Weeks

Posted by Phil Dixon at 09:25 AM

I guess the first thing to talk about is exams, it often feels like as student actuaries that we spend half our lives either studying or talking about studying so I will keep it relatively brief. In the recent sitting I took two exams that went relatively well, shame I still have another month to wait for results and I shall start studying my next two modules within the next few weeks.
I find doing two exams in each sitting is easily manageable with work and social commitments as long as you use your study and travelling time wisely, furthermore as there are quite a few actuarial students in the company we are fortunate that we have lots of people to talk to and knowledge share.
So that’s the exams bit done (for the moment), which brings me to the other part of my working life, what I actually do for Direct Line Group. As I mentioned in my previous post I rotated from the Reserving function to Pricing in August. It was a bit of a slow start due to my limited knowledge of the software that was essential to the project I was involved in and the fact I was only in 3 or 4 days a week due to study leave.
I have since been on a few training days to build my knowledge and skill level, which really helped. These courses have allowed me to get more involved in the day to day work of my team and to lead some pieces of work myself. This is something Direct Line Group is really good at. Lots of essential training is organised when you come in as a new joiner but you also have the opportunity to request extra sessions through your people manager and broaden your knowledge across the business and wider sector.
The key challenges to overcome in the next few weeks and months are to build on this base as I will be doing a lot of work on optimisation before handing over the project to the business teams. Part of this will involve helping to train people in using and updating the models that I am currently working on.

You can find out more about Pricing jobs here.

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