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Bringing Take Ownership To Life

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It was deer stalkers and magnifying glasses at the ready in The Hunt to Take Ownership during November across Direct Line Group! The Culture Pioneers set up another engaging event across our sites, to give our people another chance to understand the behaviour behind our values in a fun way.

This time, it was a treasure hunt, as the Pioneers set up several fake scenarios for people to track down and take ownership of. If you did, you were given a code word to email in for the chance to win a prize. The scenarios ranged from ‘lost’ purses to messy break out areas to out of date posters. The idea was to demonstrate what Take Ownership really means in terms of behaviours – being pro-active, treat the company like it’s your own business, and make a difference if you see a better way. Julie McShane was the first person in Liverpool to find all five situations, really getting into the swing of the contest and leaving her competition for dust! She said ‘Today proved there are many situations in which you can take ownership, and show dedication through living our values.’

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, the race was on right from the beginning, with the first entry being emailed by Andrew Worall in the Bodily Injury team at 8.26am! From then on the word spread and nearly everyone got involved to look for clues and win a prize. People even went even further and started finding genuine situations where they could make a difference. Particularly Georgina Beddoes who took ownership and removed outdated posters and misspelled notices from display boards and cabinets. A fantastic effort!

Over in Bromley, we had some jokers in the pack though! Nic, one of the Bromley Culture Pioneers explains: ‘While I was checking the clues had all been set up correctly, I noticed that a large blue box that was meant to be in the lift lobby, had disappeared! Looking around for an explanation, I discovered a red arrow poster attached to the wall near where it was meant to be. I followed the arrow and found a series of other arrows eventually pointing to not one, but two large, blue boxes on top of a metal cabinet. One had a sign of a ticking bomb on it and the other had a hazard sign. Beside this, were the team responsible, who were quick to explain that they had taken ownership of the obstructions and 'made them safe'. I congratulated the team for their innovation!’

Congratulations to all the winners that we have had confirmed so far!

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