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Our Values Pioneers are representatives of all departments from across the business whose aim is to help our colleagues to better understand our new values and bring them to life through a series of interactive events.

‘Swishing? What’s swishing?’ was the repeated phrase up and down the country during October! This was due to the Culture Pioneers working hard to introduce Direct Line Group to the concept, inspired by our Work Together Value. For anyone who did not attend a swishing event, and are still not sure,
‘swishing’ is a way of having a clear out and getting some new items at the same time, after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Our value of Working Together is all about people actively bringing solutions to the table, to help each other out to achieve a better outcome for all – exactly the same behaviours that are brought to life through taking part in swishing! It was also a great opportunity to meet new colleagues, trade something old for something new, and is also great for the environment and the bank balance too – a win win all round we think!

First off, in Bromley, a veritable boutique of items had been brought in by colleagues eager to find something to exchange it for. The feedback from those who took part was overwhelmingly positive, asking when the next event would be, with many walking away with a whole new wardrobe! The Pioneers also had great fun ‘modelling’ some of the outfits – although looking at the photos, perhaps they should stick to their day jobs?!

In addition to the clothes swishing, Bromley also set up a very popular skills swap board, with people either contributing a skill, or advertising for one. This was role modelled right from the top with CEO Paul Geddes swapping an hours French lesson from a colleague in return for providing their child with an hours violin tuition. The board was such a success the Pioneers in Bromley are working on a way to make it a permanent fixture.

Liverpool got the ball rolling early in the month with a grass-roots flash-mob style teaser campaign to pique people’s interest in the event involving their new mascot, Bestie the Bear! Bestie was spotted throughout the site intermittently in the run up to the swishing event, getting people talking and speculating who was wearing the costume!

He even had his own thread on our internal forum but as yet has not been revealed. He might even appear at future values events, who knows! Thanks to Bestie’s efforts, swishing was a great success in Liverpool with a large variety of items being swished – from books and DVD’s to clothes and cosmetics.

Our Pudsey office also held a small but successful event. The Pioneers in Pudsey made an effort to make sure that networks and connections were built by those who took part in the event, allowing conversations and contact between people that just would not have met otherwise. These may prove useful in all kinds of ways in the future – and it is only by embracing opportunities to network with our fellow colleagues that we all start getting really smart at working together. As an added bonus, in Pudsey, over 100 items were brought in to swish, and those that didn’t get taken at the end of the day were donated to the British Heart Foundation. Working Together for colleagues and the community!

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