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Bringing Aim Higher To Life

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Our Values Pioneers are representatives of all departments from across the business whose aim is to help our colleagues to better understand our new values and bring them to life through a series of interactive events.

Aim Higher was the first value to be put under the spotlight during August and September 2012. People experienced how to Aim Higher first hand, in a series of events held by the new Culture Pioneers. The sessions, open to all employees, took place in most of our sites and aimed to show how people can be innovative and creative in the way they strive to be the best they can in their jobs. Using the London Olympics as inspiration, this was brought to life in the form of jumping competitions for all employees to get involved in!

In Bromley, the bar was set high early on, when Paul Geddes, our very own CEO, took his turn. Working within the rules set at Bromley (where you didn’t necessarily have to jump as long as you stayed safe!), Paul used his initiative (in the form of a nearby stool) to secure his place at the top of leaderboard!

However, Paul didn’t stay in the lead for long. Staff at Bromley were insatiable in their aim to get the highest position on the wall in the Best Space, using all manner of creative and innovative ideas. Jumping, standing on chairs and climbing on each others shoulders were all techniques used, but the winning method finally came from Niclas, who used his wallet to throw his entry up to the very top of the Best Space wall! An outstanding effort, well done Niclas!

Meanwhile, over in Doncaster, the Culture Pioneers really thought outside of the box, with a fantastically creative interpretation of the competition! They asked all the managers at the site to contribute towards hiring an inflatable bungee run.

Colleagues had to compete to see how far they could make it down the run. From the looks of the photos, a fantastic day was had by all - congratulations to Nathan and Emma, the eventual winners!

Meanwhile, over in Bristol, Marcus, who works in bodily injury claims, went to one of the sessions held in Cathedral Square. He said, "Today's event really made me think about ‘aim higher’ in a different way, which has made me think about how I actually relate the values to my role here. This was a great event and it made me try to find new ways to ‘aim higher’ in everything I do."

In Liverpool, there was an excellent turnout as staff embraced the challenge. A competition area was created by the Pioneers with beanbags to watch the valiant attempts.

Competition was so fierce that the event ended in an exciting ‘jump off’ between staff in Damage Fulfilment Motor Claims and Commercial Motor Claims!

After the nail-biting final round, the eventual winner in Liverpool was Chris – well done!

For a slightly different take on the event, Ipswich decided to run a long jump competition, which was again hotly contested as prizes of sweets and raffle tickets were up for grabs. The eventual winner was Diamond, congratulations! The Headrow in Leeds also ran a long jump competition, with the winning entry managing to jump a massive THREE METRES from a standing start – fantastic effort from Daniel which left the Headrow Culture Pioneers in awe!

Meanwhile, over in The Wharf in Leeds, another jump-off was taking place, with Matthew taking the top prize, which was presented to him in person by Julia Billard, Head of Finance Credit Operations, who helped the Culture Pioneers in The Wharf to organise the event.

In The Wharf they have also set up a suggestion box for staff to submit their thoughts of how they or the business can aim higher every day.

As well as the fun had in the competitions across the sites, the Pioneers aimed to illustrate to people how aiming higher can help them in their work to be the best that they can be. This was evident from the vast majority of employees who participated. Many people walked in, saw the challenge and thought that they would never be able to do it, and even said that they might as well give up. But by really thinking about what aiming higher means, most of them participated and walked out of the room having managed to get a good result, and achieving something that they'd initially thought was impossible. If we all try to take this attitude wherever possible, and keep aiming higher, there’s no telling what we can achieve together!

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