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Video transcript

My name is Alison O’Hearne and I’m a team leader in motor claims response in Leeds.

I manage a team of people who work in the claims department in motor claims and their role is to identify areas where we can perhaps save money as a business but also, at the same time, provide that quick response to people who are having problems with their cars for whatever reason.

I manage that team through identifying their development needs and helping them in being able to follow the right processes and the right procedures. Making sure that we’re dealing with everything that we should be doing and providing that service for the customer.

I feel that I’ve developed technically within the insurance business, but as a person I look at things more analytically, I look at how my work impacts other people and what can I do that not just helps me but helps my team as well.

I would describe my personality as, quite lively, I can be loud, but I’m very honest, very open and at work I like to be a bit of a perfectionist and I like to do things as best I can.

I would define the culture of Direct Line Group as totally new and open, much more refreshing than it ever has been, it’s made a massive change in peoples motivation and we’re seeing that every day with colleagues moving around the business to areas they wanted to move into but couldn’t for whatever reason, people progressing, people being promoted and that’s all seemed to have happened within the last few months.

I obtain childcare vouchers on a monthly basis that includes discounts. I get half price motor insurance, half price home insurance, free travel insurance, I get cheaper life insurance and critical illness cover, cheap dental cover, I can purchase and sell holidays, the benefits are huge and they’re a massive bonus to the direct line group.

To me, “Let’s take the lead” means looking for where we can improve, looking for problems, situations whereby we can make things better and easier not just for the customers but also us as well, as employees. It’s all about being the best and number one,  but in order to be that you’ve got to be able to be able to contribute. There have been times where I’ve made suggestions a process could be put in place that’s different to what we’ve done previously, when the idea has been taken up and put into practice and you can see the success that it had, that gives you a really good feeling and you just feel like looking for more areas where you can have some sort of input.

I think to be successful in my role you need to have qualities such as being passionate, open and honest, and ready to take on a challenge and deal with change.
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