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My name’s Arzoo and my job title’s sales consultant, which mainly consists of me being on the phone and answering customer’s calls.

I do deal with a number of different brands and it is a case of doing anything and everything I can for that customer on that initial call rather than, say, directing to another department. There are times where you’ll be working individually, on your own, but you are within a team and if you feel like you need help, guidance, if you ask for it you will get it.

I was originally part time, so when I came to the role I wasn’t the strongest performer or, you know, exceeding my sales targets but, it was a case of, I had the help there from my team leader at the time who’d developed my sales techniques, which then, helped me exceed my targets which then got me recognised and I ended up doing sales coaching with the low performers for example.  Off the back of that, I ended up looking after an academy for new starters to kind of help them to understand the product itself and then how to implement that in a call to be able to get the sale - and I think there’s the belief that I’m confident enough to do it because of what I’ve done previously.

The culture at work, especially within the organisation itself is very customer focused, down to, what hold music are they listening to? How long are they on hold for? How are we interacting with our customers? And because it’s become more customer focused its increased the level of the customer service that are being provided by the consultants, which is always a good thing because there will be customers out there that will take out a policy with you not because you’re the cheapest but because of the custom that they’ve had and that’s been a massive change.

Through work I have done a few courses, like leadership courses, and its a case of getting the best out of your people, and it’s a really good course, there are opportunities there for you to actually develop when it comes to any courses, I mean there’s a few people who do NVQ stuff, whether its business or other kind of modules, so ownerships a new tool if you if you want to put yourself out to it.

It’s going to sound really small but, the best things that’s ever happened to me in my role at the moment is just generally the customer feedback, knowing that you’re doing something really well, and the fact they appreciate it and they make an effort to tell you or your manager about this consultant that’s done a job really good and that they wouldn’t go anywhere else, it’s kind of a personal satisfaction knowing that you’re literally delivering as much as you possibly can.

I’ve gotten a target for me that this is where I want to be in a year’s time, this is where I want to be in two years time, my managers are all pushing for me to strive for more, the futures bright!
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