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My name is Maz Sidique, I’m a service sales insurance consultant answering incoming insurance queries.
Before I started at Direct Line Group I worked for an insurance broker. I gained a lot of knowledge whilst working there in the insurance field and I was really interested so I believed that Direct Line Group was a well established company, and I applied for the role, and I managed to get the job.

I’ve originally come from the Direct Line Group itself, where by I just did Privilege, Churchill and Direct Line, but now I’ve been trained in the Direct Line Group partnerships, which involves Nat West, you’ve got Egg, Prudential, the list is quite endless.
My role at Direct Line Group involves answering incoming calls, it could be anything to do with insurance queries, adding permanent drivers, adding temporary drivers on policies, renewing policies themselves, dealing with account queries, so its quite a varied role.

Everyday is different, and every call can be different. There’s a lot of problems with certain customers, its just good to be able to rectify that. One minute they’re unhappy, the next minute, you know, they’re just really happy with what I’ve done for them. It gives me really good job satisfaction in helping our customers and treating them fairly.

We tend to, from time to time, go out on team outings.  Whether its during the day or after work just to build up team morale within the department, we get on as a group and I think that’s really important.

I’ve been working for Direct Line Group for over ten years now, people that you work with, team leaders and managers, they’re just fantastic and they’ve just brought me out of my shell, they’ve put me forward for certain things. I was actually an aspiring team leader, I went on a course where I went to different departments to have a feel of what they did, day to day role, such as the audit team, technical referral unit, customer services so I’ve been round quite a bit and I think it’s helped me develop as a person.

The future for me is to be part of Direct Line Group, I’d like to one day become a team leader, I am going to apply for the assistant team leader role which hopefully will be coming in the next forthcoming months and that’s where I see myself at Direct Line Group.
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