Working environment

Hi I’m Adam I’m part of the Business Change Team here; part of the wider Chief Operating Office division here at Direct Line Group. If you’d like to follow me and I’ll bring you into the building.

Welcome to the reception area. As you may be aware, Direct Line Group is in charge of many different brands one of which is Direct Line and the other is Churchill – and we have our Churchill dog right here.  This is our trophy cabinet – as you can see quite a few trophies and awards all from just the last 10 years. If you’d like to follow me around here I’ll show you the meeting rooms we’ve got here. This is our Best Space as we call it, it’s basically our auditorium. This is the place where a lot of team meetings go on it’s one of the areas where you can have a bit of fun as well.

This is our canteen – we’ve got salad bars, hot food – there’s always something to tickle your tastebuds.

What I’m going to do now is hand you over to someone who’s going to show you round the rest of the building so follow me and I’ll introduce you to him.

Right ladies and gentleman this is Yvette, so she’ll be showing you around the rest of the building while I go and grab myself some yummy food. I’ll see you later.

Enjoy your lunch. Hi guys, as Adam said my name is Yvette. I am a Brand Transformation Consultant. I’m also the Head of the Charity and Social Committee and I’m going to take you on the 2nd part of your tour today so let’s go and have a look out in the courtyard.  So guys this is our courtyard area in Bromley. As you can see we’re lucky enough to have benches, some beautiful plants. OK guys so if you follow me I’ll take you to the floor where the actual workers are.  So guys this is our working environment. As you can see on this side we have our Risk Assessment people who look after everything to do with risk for our people and also our customers. And on this side are our claims guys, who are pretty much here 24/7 looking after the needs of all our customers. Hi Team! Ok so now I’m going to take you to where I actually sit and work. Right so this is my desk and this is where all the action happens. As you can see I’ve got a little Pudsey and Dressdown Day  this is because I’m the leader of the Charity Committee for Bromley. And I’ve also got a couple of awards – this is the Chief Executive Award and these are the highest awards that we have within our business and I’ve been lucky enough to win twice now as we are good at recognising and rewarding our people for that.

So now I’m going to hand you over to Troy now who will continue with the rest of the tour for us. So follow me..

Hi everyone, my name’s Troy. Here we have an informal break-out area which is a great way to get away from your desk. You’ll see there’s lots of chairs, fabulous curling walls and also the best part about this section is we have refreshments – water, chocolate, and a free coffee and tea machine. Let’s go check out the training room. Here at Direct Line Group we really value training with a field of learning and development experts to come and help you learn how to do your job. The training room’s here – let’s check it out…

Hi guys, how are you doing? What training are we doing here today? Health & Safety… Ah fantastic, I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy!

And here’s the car park which is a great facility we have at many of our locations. Well that concludes our tour here today. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a feel of what it’s like to work here at Direct Line Group. We work together to deliver for the customer, how we want to be the best insurer and also enjoy ourselves at the same time.  I’ll see you later.
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