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Let’s take the lead.

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My name is Adam Bilson, and my role is reporting lead for business change. Business change is anything that comes into our area which affects the business, whether that be all the budget work and all the financials behind that, resourcing, so making sure that all the projects have the correct project managers, the correct business analysts, they’re all a hundred percent staffed so they can go ahead and be met on time and on budget.

The most challenging aspect of my role would definitely be in an operations side. It’s not a case of you might be one project a day or a week to suddenly, right, okay, lets just sort that out. It’s a case of “right, there’s ten, go!”  But while I’m doing that I’m obviously trying to do all my other work which I’ve still got to do.

The culture right now, its really good, there’s a lot of enthusiasm, there’s a lot of, I suppose, excitement about the place just because everything’s brand new. Everyone’s building up teams; everyone’s building up processes and one nice thing about being in the situation that I’m in, is, because my role is, and my team is, brand new I can kind of create it around my self as well, my own strengths and weaknesses.

“Let’s take the lead.” Its kind of saying “Right, okay, how can I take the lead to ‘A’ make yourself better, your business area better, your division better and obviously then the company better”.

Obviously you want to have that feeling of being proud for who you work for, so when you walk down the street, you want to say “Yeah, I work for Direct Line group, fantastic”, you know,  ‘smile on your face’.  So I think everyone’s kind of taken that ahead and though “Right, how can I make sure I’m doing my job, taking the lead personally, and aiming higher?”, again that’s one of our visions, to make sure that we’re achieving that as a group, so just doing your little part, obviously those all added up together makes the big picture.

To be successful in this kind of role you can’t be someone who is happy with the ‘norm’.  You can’t just be happy with getting in your role and that’s it, day in and day out.  If you don’t like change, basically, you don’t like business change, simple as that.  Or any kind of function within this, within Direct Line Group really, so you’ve got to be quite flexible.

Some of the roles and opportunities currently within business change? We’re currently trying to build up to a great platform. So, we have things like project managers, we have business analysts, we have operations, people in the background, we have architects, in all our four different teams there’s something for everyone.

We’re really trying to push the recruitment side of things but with yourself, so, what’s your where do you want to be? What’s your future? How do you think you can get there? How can we help you? So we can get your career aspirations up and running really.
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