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Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process has been designed to let us find out if you could really help shape our future. It'll help us understand you as an individual, your personality and what you could bring to us.

Application Form

Meet the requirements

Make sure you meet the requirements. When you’re completing the form, be sure to include the correct dates – and don’t leave any gaps. No employer likes gaps.

Consider your passions

Think about where your passions lie. Do you love meeting new people, handling data, looking at improving the way we work, driving innovation or helping others? We’ll want to work with you to make sure you get the best from your experience, so it’s important to tell us what you want.

Aptitude Test

If you meet our eligibility criteria, we’ll invite you to complete a game-based assessment to test your thinking, cognitive, and interpersonal styles.

Just ask

If you require any reasonable adjustments, please contact our Graduate Recruitment Team at earlycareers@directlinegroup.co.uk – prior to completing the assessment.

Find a quiet space

Find somewhere quiet where you can focus and give yourself enough time to complete the assessment in one sitting, as you won’t be able to come back to it later and it will be measuring the time you take to complete it.

Download the app

The test can be accessed on an iOS or Android mobile or tablet via the app, but you will need to download the app first. Or, you can access it via a PC or laptop.


No practice is required. It’s simply a psychometric assessment in an engaging format.

Critical reasoning test

If you're successful at the game based assessment we'll invite to complete an online critical reasoning assessment.

Video Interview

The next step is a video interview which is pre-recorded, and you’ll be sent an invite by email to complete this. During the video interview, we’ll want to learn more about your background, talents, and what drives you. You also get an opportunity to learn more about the programme and have an insight into our culture and working environment.

Find a quiet space

Before your video interview, make sure you’re in a quiet environment where you can talk openly about your experiences to date and career aspirations.

Know your CV

Have your CV to hand, so you can refer to your work experience and achievements while recording your answers.


Make sure you’re well prepared, by fully exploring our careers site to make sure you have a good understanding of the company, the Graduate Programme, and what we’re like to work for.

Assessment Centre

Finally, if the video interview goes well, we’ll invite you to an Assessment Centre in one of our offices. That will involve a business case study exercise, a critical reasoning test, a group activity, and a face-to-face interview.


Explore our careers site to make sure you have a good understanding of the company, our brands – and how and why we do what we do.


Review the material you’ll have received from our Recruitment Team (this will come with your confirmation email).


Make sure you bring the documents our Recruitment Team asked for to the Assessment Centre – we’ll need these to conduct your background checks if you're successful.


We’ll do our best to contact you about the outcome within four weeks of the assessment centre, so please be patient while we review your results.