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Beating interview nerves

Posted by Hayley Bull at 03:39 PM

Getting an interview is exciting, but it can also be extremely daunting. The pressure to present yourself at your very best can lead to nerves overshadowing your great qualities, especially if you’re a recent graduate or first time applicant without much experience of the interview process.
The first thing to remember is that your application has already sparked an interest in your skills, so you’re already well placed to impress. Below are five more quick tips to help you beat any interview jitters you might be feeling:

The more you know about our company, the more comfortable you should be when talking about why you’re a great fit. Finding out about work ethos, environments and taking a look at online presence, which includes news stories and social media accounts as well as our websites, will give you an insight into not only the company but the reasons why you want to work here.
Whether it’s practicing the interview with a friend or colleague, reading through our tips for preparing for an interview or drafting answers to questions you think might come up, the more you plan for the interview the more confident you will feel going in.
Something as simple as preparing lunch the night before, trying on the outfit you’re going to wear to check it’s comfortable and clean and getting all your paperwork to hand in advance will mean you can focus on doing your best in the interview.
One handy tip is to read through your CV, cover letter and all of the documents you’ve passed on to the company. It’s likely that they are what they’ll be overwhelmingly referring to in the course of your interview, so could give you a hint as to what to expect as well as spark some ideas of strengths and experience you could talk about.
Arrive with ten minutes to spare
Ten minutes will give you a chance to settle, get a drink and perhaps go to the bathroom before the interview begins, without being so early as to inconvenience your interviewer. Make sure you’ve taken into consideration the time it takes to park, too! It’s worth doing a ‘dry run’ to the interview site before the real thing, so you can ensure you won’t get lost and can assess the impact traffic will have on your journey.
Don’t be afraid of silence
If you’re overanxious, you might find yourself talking too much just to fill silences. Remember that the natural rhythm of conversation has pauses and breaks, so don’t be afraid to take a moment to consider your reply after being asked a question. Thinking about what you’re going to say for a few seconds will allow you to think of a concise, relevant answer that will come to a natural end instead of leaving you correcting yourself or rambling on.
Remember: interviewers are on your side
Everybody has to go through interviews in the course of their career, and that includes the person who’s interviewing you. They don’t want to trip you up or embarrass you: they want to see whether you’re a good fit for the role, and to assess that they’ll want you to feel comfortable enough to do your skills justice
Try to express yourself clearly, honestly and in an open way and you’ll both be getting exactly what you want out of the situation.

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