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Resolutions for 2013

Posted by Kiron McDuff at 07:59 AM

So 2013 is upon us and the Christmas period is well and truly over. I had a very enjoyable December with a ski trip to Italy followed by Christmas celebrations both at work and at home. I went back to spend a very relaxing, and filling, 5 days with the family before enjoying the last few days ahead of returning to work. As is usual for the start of a new year there are many resolutions being discussed around the office. For me I decided that I would go out and buy myself a new road bike, as I have been debating it for a while. So I can picture myself out on the roads come rain or shine pedaling away! Watch out Messrs Wiggins and Cavendish!
On the work side of things my key objective this year is to continue to perform at a high standard and push myself to achieve. We are currently moving into an important part of my project, with a delivery coming up and other phases commencing simultaneously. This will mean that there will be plenty of balls in the air but I am ready and prepared to handle the challenge. As a result of the high profile nature of the project I have a chance for me to further hone my skills, develop my understanding of the business and build a name for myself.
Looking back is not always the way forward they say. However with the 2012 end of year review taking place in the next couple of weeks it is time for me to reflect on what happened last year and what I achieved. I have sought feedback from those I have worked with over the year and having read through it I am encouraged. There are some very positive comments but it is not just the good that I am interested in. There are some areas for development that I will be taking on board and I will do my best to address. All in all I look forward to the meeting as it is a chance for me to document a successful first full year in my role and to show my progress.
Finally, having signed up for it a while back I have cracked open the CII study materials, sent off my forms for any exemptions that I may qualify for and signed up for my exam. It’s a while off and I am hoping to get through the revision guide and practice papers so that I am fully prepared. Having not studied for many exams in the last 5 years it may come as a bit of a shock!
My overall thought is that 2013 is looking like a big year and I am looking forward to it.

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