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In a similar vein to my other blog posts I begin by talking about study and exams. In this sitting I took two actuarial exams and am really happy with how both of them went; shame I have to wait 2 months to get the results through.
As the exam period finishes this week and studying is on the back burner for a couple of months we are having a departmental drinks night which should be good fun, well at least when we get the almost mandatory how did the exams go chat out of the way!
Personally I have a lot more to look forward to socially in the next few months, which will be quite a contrast to the last month or so which have been spent reading about mortality models and government economic policy, riveting subjects I’m sure you will agree.
At Direct Line Group
Since writing my last blog I have worked largely on testing the functionality of the rate changes I had been working on in the optimisation project I was involved in. The next step is the post implementation analysis where I will be looking at key performance indicators to ensure the changes are behaving as expected (or hopefully better then) this will give me a good opportunity to improve my SAS skills and enhance my technical knowledge of the home products.
And Finally
This part is probably the key to any prospective graduates or interns looking to apply for next year’s intake. We have a large population of analysts and different roles, which provide a wide range of opportunities to broaden your knowledge and work in different areas of the business.
Over the last 6 months, I have spent quite a lot of my working time in the analytical projects team which has enabled me to learn different skills and improve knowledge of the overall function of the pricing department. In the next few months I need to decide on my next role within the company (or continue in my existing one). I have options in both pricing and reserving and each have many plus points to them so it is a really difficult decision and I haven’t quite decided on which way to go yet, I guess you’ll have to read the summer blog to find out where I end up!

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