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My name’s Sam Duffy, and I’m a customer relations, complaint case handler at Direct Line Group. That pretty much entails dealing with any complaints customers have about their insurance, and looking into what we can do to investigate their issue and get the right outcome for the customer.

So, a typical working day for me would be, you take a file that a customer has made a complaint about basically, you collect all the evidence, whether it’s for or against, and you do all the investigation, and we fill out a case assessment report. If you look at this file it tells you everything about the complaint from start to finish, all the investigations that you’ve done and the outcome that you’ve given to the customer.

I think the qualities that people need to succeed in customer relations, they need to be relaxed for starters, you can’t be uptight and irate with the customers, you need to have a nice, kind of chilled out personality, I think, and everyone in the department has that, everyone seems very relaxed, very friendly, chatty and able to step outside of a situation.

I think in our role, when you do come to speak to the customer, they’re a little bit more relaxed and they’ve got their frustration vented out already so its quite easy to talk to them on a one to one basis, you know, they’re not screaming to speak to a manager or anything like that, they feel like, that they’ve got to the next level and I think that makes it a little bit easier for us to explain our decisions to them, I think that it helps them to listen to our decisions as well.

When we get the right result for the customer, for me, it just feels like job done, that’s what we’re in the role for. Obviously you can’t uphold every customers concern but, the one that we can, you get the chance to tell them “yep, I’m agreeing with you”. It’s a good feeling when you know that you’ve made that customer happy, as such, I suppose they’ve got more chance of staying with the company after that.

The good thing about an insurance company, or the industry in general, is the fact that you’ve got so many channels you can go down. You’ve got, like I say, I’m in a complaints department but that’s just one, kind of small section when you compare the industry as a whole. You’ve got the claims, which is a massive part, obviously, customer services and the sales side as well. The experience that people have, really comes in to the industry.

For me, I think the future, I’d like to move toward a managerial type of role I think.  From looking at previous managers that I’ve had and the influences they’ve given me it’s definitely something that  I want to do.
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